Tips for Pitching in Golf

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If you are a golf player, you probably understand that chip, putt and pitch shots are the most important shots to master in the game. For correct pitching, approach the ball normally but with a slightly narrow stance. Next, move your left foot a little from the ball to the targeted line. The process opens up your lower body in the direction of the target line. Make sure you are out of the path when an impact happens.

A pitching accuracy can be achieved if you make less wrist hinge when back swinging. You can hit the ball behind if you make a large hinge as it leads to down swinging. Also, if steep swingers hit it solidly, it is guaranteed to take a deep divot. It is advisable to pitch it better with less wrist action for better ball-striking.

For you to brush the ground through impact, you must ensure a less wrist hinge as you go back. The best trainer for this technique is Steve Stricker. Steve keeps his hands firm as he moves back and synchronizes his body with the arms. He then comes through and turns everything together again.

Follow the following instruction tips to improve your contact. First, using your lofted wedge, play the golf ball through the middle while maintaining the front foot to its place. Second, make a wide swing back with minimal wrist hinge, then turn your body and swing through.

There are various pitching drills available to help you improve your pitching. The best exercise must have the following steps. A better contact can be attained if you reduce weight shift on pitch shots. The chances of hitting the ground before the ball can be minimized by favoring your front leg. Attempt this drill by first stepping up to hit a pitch, then leaning toward the target while moving your back foot in and up on the toes. Hitting shots like this will make you a great golfer