Techniques Used in Chipping the Golf Ball

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Chipping a golf ball is a technique that can be learned. Having this method will cut strokes off from your game. Chipping is simple and straightforward, but most golfers make it difficult. Too many times golfers make mistakes by standing too far from the ball. In this angle, the club is swung around the body in a circular manner which is not suitable for chipping. Chunking the ball is made possible as this more significant motion makes you move the club slowly for fear of over hitting the ball.

To make things simpler, you should be closer to the ball, and the shaft should be more vertical. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, employ the following. Let the club head be on its toe to set a straight swing route, and the clubface should always face down the line you are hitting the ball.

To master the art of chipping, use the following chipping tips. Let the ball and your feet be close together, and most of your weight be on your forward foot. You can scoop the ball if weight is on the back foot. Lean forward slightly and put your arms in front of the golf ball. Practice this harder till you get better chip shots. A backswing decides how far the ball will travel. The movement must be consistent and smooth to get a feel of the distant the ball will go.

Adding feel to a golf ball is essential to a golfer. Most golfers use the putting grip as they chip because it adds a better feel to them. Mastering the chipping game is learning the shot itself. To get an even better feeling, try to get the ball out of the green surface and let it drive out.

Author: Anthony Green

I have come to love golf and enjoy improving my game as I gain experience and improve my health as I continue with my new found love for sports.