Improving Your Drive Power in Golf

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Every golfer wants to hit the ball farther, straighter or just better using the driver. If you try hitting the ball harder, you will lose control and might even miss-hit the shot thus wasting yourself. The ball should not be hit solidly. Making your backswing move faster than the downswing will not help you gain the driving power.

If you want the ball to move longer, you should work on finding your rhythm with the driver. This rhythm allows you to produce the necessary speed while maintaining your right contact. You can have a look at Jack Nicklaus swing thought he used on tee shots to improve your golf swing. You can forget about the backswing problem by being deliberate and smooth while going back. Also, ensure that everything is winding up behind the golf ball. Finally, you are ready to come into perfect impact from this strong position.

There are several driving instructions to improve your ball striking techniques if you want to hit a bunch of drivers in a row. First, get into a good groove to enable you to react to all the obstacles on the drive path. Secondly, ensure you have no mechanical thoughts so that you can concentrate on the swing tempo. This process is all that you have to follow to maintain good driving accuracy.

Improving your ball speed and control is essential in golfing. You can practice this by using the dial in your driver drill. This technique involves, teeing three balls in a row and hit them in a sequence, hitting the next ball immediately after your swing. Ensure that you maintain your balance to avoid overswinging. Practicing this drill several times will help you to be hitting more shots at the center of the clubface. You will also be able to get maximum use of the speed you are generating.

Author: Anthony Green

I have come to love golf and enjoy improving my game as I gain experience and improve my health as I continue with my new found love for sports.