How to Be a Great Golfer

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It is essential for one to be a great putter. However, for you to be successful in this field of putting, you have to control your distance from a long range while precisely aiming at the ones that are short.

If you are within a range of five feet, the main problem you will face is a careless routine. Most of the golfers in the world today do not have the necessary technique of putting. The golfers usually come to the putt and trickle their feet into space before they even consider where the putter will be aimed. More so, their feet have already dictated their targeted area. A recommended routine is where you point a putter face carefully down to the start line. After this, make sure you take a relaxed stance and let go the putter face. By doing this, your setup will be driven by the aim and not the other way. This significantly increases the number of short putts made.

The lovers of long putts have to check the grip pressure. Most of the times, the beginners usually hold the club tight as they think that the putt must be hit harder for the golf ball to make it to the intended hole. It is most likely that you will not feel the level of distance if you continue tightening your grip. It is essential for you to feel the mass of a putter head as it swings. This can only be achieved by holding it lightly while at the same time you are maintaining the pressure during the stroke. You can reach more distances if you make your stroke longer. A thunder of speed impacts it more, but you cannot realize longer distances.

If you want to be among the world’s best putter, you must work on your putting accuracy; you must concentrate on long putts grip pressure and aim at those that are short. These are the two skills for great putting. Taking your chance and targeting is a good sign that you are good to go.

It is essential to try tiger’s longstanding practice if you want consistent rolls. It is possible for one to miss-hit the ball due to the stroke getting out of hand. An excellent example of putting drill that Tiger Woods used is that he developed a gate possessing two tees just broader than the putter head. He then used this to strike the putts, and the club could not touch any tee either. It is probable to smash the outside tee if you loop a putter head to the outer side when stroking. If you swing the putter head to the inner side, you will smash the inside tee. When you aim it correctly, you will hit the ball at its central point. A good result in golf is always attained if you hit the ball at its center. This is the trick that the best putters use.

Author: Anthony Green

I have come to love golf and enjoy improving my game as I gain experience and improve my health as I continue with my new found love for sports.